Cell Phone Booster

I live in a rural area and cannot use my cell phone at home so my sister, told me about a cell-phone booster (Airave) that she uses, but her service provider is Sprint and I use Credo and neither of us were sure whether or not this booster device is cell-phone or service-provider specific. I participated in an online chat with a person at Best Buy and they kept saying that the Airave would support my Samsung phone, but English was not this person’s native language and I couldn’t find a way to make them understand that I was asking specifically – not about my cell phone equipment, but about my service provider. I need to know if I had to be a Sprint customer or would it work with any service provider so I sent an email to Credo customer service and not only did they confirm that the equipment was compatible, but they also provide it to their customers free of charge. They put one in the mail to me via overnight express mail and I received it in two days. How awesome is that for customer service? Once again, I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with Credo.


4 thoughts on “Cell Phone Booster

  1. peter kandis says:

    I have incredibly poor service and have been trying to get Credo to send me on, heck I even offered to buy, but so far I have not been able to get them to send me one. Do you have any advice on how to get Credo to send or sell me one?

    • Tanar2010 says:

      Hi Peter:
      I simply sent an email to Credo’s Customer Service Department (support@ubersignal.com) and asked them if they had a service booster equivalent to the Airave that Sprint supports. They not only support Airave, but they sent one to me free of charge. Hope this helps. Please send me a quick note on your experience with this – good or bad and good luck.

      • Peter Kandis says:

        I had to jump through some hoops to prove I had poor to nonexistent service but then they sent one and it works great!

  2. Tanar2010 says:

    Great, Peter! Glad to know Credo was accommodating. I have had nothing but positive feedback from them on every interaction. However, there is one thing – more related to my router equipment – not Credo or the Airave, but my router service goes in and out OFTEN and every time that happens, the Airave doesn’t reset itself so the Airave doesn’t really work for me like it initially did. While I understand it is through no fault of Credo/Sprint, it is still frustrating. I continue to have internet service when the router goes in and out so I’ve at least eliminated that as a problem, but I don’t know if my Belkin is a cheap router and another router manufacturer would work better or what the solution is. If you (or anyone) knows something I don’t know on how to correct this, please let me know.

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