Does the lack of customer service in today’s society bother you? How about the fact that nobody seems to care anymore if the consumer is satisfied with a product or service. We have become such a non-confrontational society populated by narcissistic inhabitants.  Those who are wronged, don’t usually try to correct the situation because they don’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers – some don’t even feel worthy enough to even bring to anyone’s attention. The “wrong-doers” don’t care if they’re causing a problem, acting rude, or behaving disrespectful because it doesn’t affect them.

As this is one of my passions, I take it upon myself to – almost on a daily basis – either draw someone’s attention to this recurring problem or correct the situation either by writing a letter or calling someone on their bad behavior. I realize I cannot change the world, by myself, but maybe there are others who feel the same as me. Check out my blog. Sometimes I just bellyache and sometimes I’ll post a copy of corrective correspondence with the results. Maybe you have similar experiences – perhaps I can offer a solution.


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