Cell Phone Service Providers – Credo vs. Verizon

A friend sent an email with a link to a new company offering a promotion to provide me with a new upgraded phone along with the offer to pay for the early termination fee if I needed to break my contract with my existing cell phone service provider. I checked out the website and, the more I read about this offer, the more I liked it.

I called Verizon and told them about the offer I was considering and I asked them if they could match the offer by upgrading my phone – free of charge – and their response was, “No, if you found a better deal, go for it.” So I did.

The new phone is a smart phone, which I had never had until now – with all the bells and whistles that are advertised all over the internet. I’m not sure – even now – if I really want the capability to change the channel on my TV from work, but I’ve learned how to download apps and am finding them to be very entertaining.

During the process of transferring my contact information and learning some of the differences in this new arena, I contacted Credo’s customer service. They never implied that I was an idiot for being new to the “smart phone” world even though they saturated the market years ago. Credo’s Customer Service representative was very patient and thorough. He answered all of my questions and even called two days later to check on me to see if I had any other questions/problems. Now I ask you, what customer service department does that anymore?

Everything Credo offered/promised came true, there were no hassles, the equipment functions correctly. When I received the early termination fee on my Verizon bill, I followed Credo’s instructions for reimbursement and they credited my bill the following month for the full amount of the early termination fee.

Most importantly, the people in their customer service department are responsive, resourceful, and they actually speak English (what a concept, huh?). I cannot say enough good things about them – compared to Verizon, Credo is an awesome organization and I am tickled with my new phone / new cellular service and it’s all because of my friend and the email she sent. I had not heard of Credo before and nobody else to whom I’ve mentioned their name since, has heard of them either, but I’m working on it – can ya tell?.


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